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LaBelle Labradors

...where your new puppy gets a great start!



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Coco's Puffs are 3 Weeks old!

Posted on 16 April, 2019 at 14:40

Where has the time flown? Now that the snow has finally abated we are finally convinced that spring is actually 2019.

And our Puffs are all 3 weeks old and soon to move form the birthing box to the outdoor puppy pen. Even though it is outdoors it is actually just outside the house and in the garage. So they will be protected from the insects that like to bother our critters now that the winter has finally packed her bags!

We have 4 families that have decided to get one of our puppies. That leaves 4 puppies of this litter left to claim. It's exciting to see who our Lord brings to us and when. It's a little nerve wrecking having puppies closer to the date when they are allowed to leave us, but God comes through every time!

This year, we have found that families are interested in males. It's interesting to watch the trends. So with having only one male left and 3 females, it begins to be a waiting game to see what comes next.

One thing I would like to address is our price. People seem to think that just because we ask only $650 for our pups that something is wrong and to the contrary there is absolutely nothing wrong and everything right; we do not ship pups so we count on people form around the midwest area; Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois. We have yet to have a pup in Iowa...though I had a call from a family in Iowa that ended up getting a pup form another breeder who had one to offer sooner. Isn't that nice? some people don't have to wait if they are ready they can find a breeder who has one they can get right away! 

Another reason for our low cost is we feel an average family raising children may not want to spend $2000 for a puppy. Our dogs have had hips and elbows checked and numerous genetic testing done to ensure we are not only being responsible breeders but our puppies are less likely to have the disposition to genetic disorders common to the Labrador Retriever breed. Our dogs are pets. They are holed up in outdoor kennels hoping for their turn for attention, too.

So with that, we are happy to welcome you to our family should you need one of our LaBelle Labradors!

March 25, 2019 official birthdate!

Posted on 26 March, 2019 at 19:20

Coco just gave birth to 9 puppies...can you believe it? Her last litter was 8 puppies...and just last fall!! Whoa! She really outdid herself and I am very proud of her.

We have 7 families waiting for puppies out of this litter which leaves us with 2 extra for 2 families that are waiting for puppies and just don't know it yet! Haa haaa.

We brought these little darlings in to have their dew claws removed just today a few hours ago. And now they are home resting and nursing with their mama. Pure joy. Warmth and mama's milk!

More later!

Coco and Dash

Posted on 12 March, 2019 at 22:40

Coco is very large now and heavy with children from Piddle Creek's Mad Dash. He is a youngster who just began his fathering of offspring this year in 2019. Last summer, Dash became a senior hunter, and that is pretty impressive for a boy of 1 1/2 years old! 

So now with just under two weeks to go, we shall have us a new litter of younguns, and a new adventure to begin! 

Coco In Heat!

Posted on 20 January, 2019 at 22:50

I can't believe it! Coco started her estrus cycle 2 months ahead of schedule!!! And whose schedule was I thinking she would follow? I suppose I have more to learn about the ways of the female dog. I'm just joking here! I've already learning this lesson from observing these critters years ago! Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that Coco will be meeting her new man, Piddle Creeks Mad Dash SH. They will be breeding this week! Lord willing!

Coco Puffs Have All Been Claimed!

Posted on 3 October, 2018 at 14:45

God is good...all the time. All the time...God is good! All the puppies have homes! Yeehaw!

1 puppy left in the litter

Posted on 1 October, 2018 at 20:55

Hey ya! Normally I take pride in having our puppies all spoken for by the time they are 4 weeks old but this litter had two still available at nearly 5 weeks...and after tonight, only 1 puppy left! I think God is teaching me the lesson of not being prideful and leaning more on faith that He has it all in His capable hands. We gave this business to Him to care for years ago and it is by His leading that we move forward in any thing we do. We are sure of it...but sometimes the flesh rears its ugly head and vies for a place to settle in and call home...and we all know how ugly that mess can become...whoa! So now we are once again humbled and better off at that. 

Eight Bouncing Coco Puffs!!

Posted on 2 September, 2018 at 15:45

Coco had her puppies earlier than we expected this year by 2 days (wow!) but we are pleased as punch! It was my prayer that she ended up with 8 puppies and the Lord saw fit to answer accordingly! We are so blessed and so are our families waiting for their little bundles!

Four boys and four girls...which is a nice division of genders! (isn't it funny how people have a harder time deciding whether they are male or female but in our wonderful animal kingdom it is quite clear?! Praise God for some peace of mind!) Most of the puppies are very dark chocolate and it is quite the temptation on my part of whether or not to keep a female of this litter. I think ahead to what our plans would be in 5 years (Rob will be 65 and I will be 59 by then) and whether I want to keep breeding Labs for the next 10 years...which we will be on account of having Maggie May from Pepper's last litter, but one litter a year is almost relaxing compared to two! Unless the females get pregnant close together, we end up with having a litter, then being done and having to start over again...whew! Makes a body think they need a little bit more respite! 

One idea I had was to open a dog rescue here on our land later on in about 8 years from now. When ya have a business, it is not uncomon to look ahead and plan for the future...but it is just a thought. 

So for now, we keep raising the all American number 1 dog breed...the Labrador Retriever! 

Coco and Hooligan Meeting

Posted on 30 June, 2018 at 12:05

We bred Coco, our 6 year old Chocolate female with Piddle Creek's Hooligan, a Chocolate Master Hunter. With that in mind, Coco will be expected to have her litter around August 29th....which will give us a puppy pick up date of around October 17, which is a Wednesday, so we will plan the weekend of October 20th for families to get their pups. As always, we are excited to have another litter this year especially since the Chocolates are so popular! More to come!

Puppies are all Spoken For!

Posted on 28 May, 2018 at 20:35

We decided this year was the year to keep one of our yellow females to take Lucy's place in breeding since Lucy had her last litter. Lucy is officially retired...and retired she will stay. 

Lucy is a very devoted family member. We love her dearly. I am praying that her golden years are a joy. She will be helping us train our new member, though. 

All of our puppies have homes and one of them is going to a couple that got a puppy two years ago! We are very happy that this is the case. We trust that this particular puppy will have help from his "brother" when it comes to training...this has been told to us, anyways. 

We are giving glory and praise to our Almighty God for bringing families to us to receive our puppies. This is a business that we could not do were it not for God's guiding Hand in all things. And thank you to all of our family members who, after receiving a puppy, keep us in the loop of their lives and give us updates on Facebook or messge us in other ways. Many blessings to you all!

Pepper's Puppies Birthdate April14th

Posted on 15 April, 2018 at 16:50

We waited. We were patient....and we were rewarded with six puppies! Pepper is the proud mama of three yellow females, two yellow males, and...believe it or black male! Pepper's last litter boasted 10 pups and this litter was smaller at 6 pups. Interesting.