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LaBelle Labradors

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Repeat Customer

Posted on 25 July, 2019 at 20:40

One of the most humbling aspects of raising Labs is the family who comes back for another puppy. Honestly...

We work hard to do everything right, yet, every year we are learning something new! We never really "know it all" because I feel as though I am a perpetual student of life. Living life and raising Labs is an ongoing process. I do my best to keep educated and to learn from those who have lived a longer life...not to mention those who have raised Labs for a longer period of time, too. And you wanna know something? One way of doing things doesn't work for every dog. In much the same way children are all different, dogs each have their own personalities with their own quirks and "druthers". 

Which bring me to this; I have had families come back for another dog. It may be a year or two later but they come back! It gets me right in the center of my heart. It humbles me and it is an honor to serve families with another puppy that is something they want to experience again for the second time. 


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