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Count Down has Begun!

Posted on 18 August, 2020 at 22:50

Wow. The Coco Puffs are nearing their 7 week birth 3 days! and they will be going home in 4days! Funny...I'm gonna miss those little darlings. But! Their new lives will just be beginning and they will be very very happy. I am sure of it!

Pepper's Ronies just turned 4 weeks old today. They have come a long way. Their mother had an emergency hysterectomy when they were just shy of 1 week old and Coco was called in to be the wet-nurse until Pepper arrived the next day to claim her little ones again. Pepper and babes recovered and are doing tremendously well. 

Pepper and Coco will be retiring after their litters this year and I have started a new call list for my Maggie May's first litter in the spring/summer of 2021. I already have 6 people on the list, though I suspect a few may fall off due to my decision to breed Maggie with another Yellow, therefore I am certain she will only have yellows in her litter. I'm excited for her to be a new mother! I am also thinking of moving the whole business in the basement so I can rreclaim my garge for the truck! It's been years since I parked my truck or any vehicle for that matter, in a shelter.

At last!

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