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Coco Pupplings are 2 weeks old!

Posted on 3 February, 2021 at 15:30

The Coco Puffs are already two weeks old! They're eyes are open and now their ears are starting to open as well. Such little darlings! My granddaughter, Vienna, was over last night and today when she helped me to tag the puppies (give them their collars) administer de-worming med and weigh them, when we were done she walked away saying," see you later, little darlings!" And it got me thinking what is so cute about that word, "darling" and I think it's the "ling" part of the word.

Then that got me thinking about other words that have "ling" on the end of them like sapling and spiderling. Even a spider sounds like something ya just wanna cuddle because it sounds so cute with the part, "ling" added to it. Ha!

Then I got to thinking why not call the puppies "pupplings"? I mean...they ARE puppies afterall and darling is a word used when you address someone you love...another human...not a dog. So I decided to call those little cuties, "pupplings" So, there you go!

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